Friday, January 7, 2011

50 Things About Myself

Assalamualaikum wbt.

Well, i've been tagged by Incik Amier which entitles '50 Things About Yourself''. *baguslah, kebetulan idea untuk menghupdate blog agak kering kontang sehari dua ni. So, jum terjah!

Erk, nak jawab dalam bahasa melayu je la. boleh? Kira cincai la ye bro ;)

  1. Nama saya Nor Hasfalini bt Che Hasnan
  2. i'm only 21 years old.
  3. Ok ok, still do not accepted that i'm 22 already.
  4. i have 4 siblings and i' the first!
  5. But they said my behavior is like the youngest one.
  6. I love my family very much!
  7. Whatever i do, my family comes first.
  8. Dekat rumah saya ade seekor kucing puteh yang bermata biru, dan kami sekeluarga sangat sayangkannya!
  9. I wish To brings both of my parents to th Mekah as soon as possible.
  10. Saya menyimpan cita-cita untuk belajar sampai dapat phD.
  11. Saya lebih suka dikenali dengan panggilan As berbanding Lini. yekss
  12. My friends said that i'm the stingy one.huhu
  13. i love my name because it's unique.
  14. i'm the Upm player for volleyball and handball.
  15. Lelaki pilihan saya mestilah seorang pemain bola. 
  16. I'm single but not available, sorry ya ;p
  17. I'm ERT teacher-to-be..
  18. and i can't wait to teach.uhh..
  19. i am emosional person,totally emo!
  20. Even i'm a harsh person, but i'm realy love all kind of flowers and teady bear ;)
  21. Already have my own kancil.
  22. My bf-to-be have my dream car.
  23. Can't wait to wear a braces.huhu
  24. Quite friendly.lalalala
  25. i'm not hypocrite person.
  26. First, i'm obses with pink colour but now red is my choice.
  27. I do have twitter, follow me please ;p
  28. I'm prefer mcD then KFC.
  29. My phone lost during the commuter intersection and I am so traumatized to buy a new expensive phone.
  30. I'm in love with my schoolmate.
  31. Arsenal is better then others.
  32. i love beach!
  33. Ermm..let me think first..
  34. I lost an idea.
  35. Volkswagen is better then mini cooper right? ;p
  36. i'm chubby and fat lady.
  37. love koreans drama!
  38. Selalu lupa isi minyak!
  39. I live at Kota Bharu which is located only 2 Km from town.
  40. I love April and Disember.
  41. I hate Januari.
  42. I love all kinds of local fruits.
  43. i'm not eat vegetables.
  44. Honestly, i do believe people quickly.
  45. My shoes size is 5 or 6
  46. I called my beloved pet fish ( King Arowana) is Ramona.
  47. feel it difficult to get men gifts.
  48. Sleep is my expertise.huhu
  49. Then wat?
  50. Fuh,,its totally done!


amier azrul said...

ape bnde no 49 n 50 cm tuu?

lini hasnan said...

haha. itu namanya kekeringan idea sudah ;)

HonEyBuNNy said...

wah....48 tentangmu...;-)

Anuar Al-Ameen said...

Selalu lupa isi minyak!!!!
~makan semut ke???,,prepare air mineral ea atas moto tu..haahaa

lini hasnan said...

honeybunny: yukk buat pasal kamu pula..hehe

lini hasnan said...

anuar : hee..takpe sbb mu kn sentiasa ada untuk akuh.haha